IT outsourcing in Kiev

IT outsourcing (IT outsourcing) is the services of a system administrator and technical support for companies that have a computers in the office, but hireing of a regular system administrator is not beneficial or not required, however you need periodically service of computers and technical support of users. To ensure the effective operation of the IT infrastructure, we suggest considering the subscription to IT outsourcing service in Kiev as an alternative to a regular system administrator.

The prices for the maintenance of computers

The use of IT outsourcing is a way to increase the efficiency of the organization by means of the opportunity to free organizational and human resources, to pay more attention to the main lines of the company’s activities.

Our company offers services in computer maintenance, server administration and network equipment on an ongoing basis, ensuring the uninterrupted funtioning of all systems and devices serviced by our specialists. All employees of the our company have high qualification and extensive experience in working with computer, network, server and peripheral equipment.

Maintenance of computer equipment from the company ITISHNIK is:

Guarantee of serviceability of computer equipment in the office;
Technical support of employees;
Advice on optimizing your IT infrastructure;
personal qualified specialist assigned to the company .

A standard contract for subscriber maintenance of computer equipment, we will be happy to provide in response to a request that can be sent to e-mail:

We are always glad for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation!

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